Who we are

Motkhases is a revolutionary freelancing website that provides specialized freelancing services model in WordPress with awesome new features, services and tools.

Key Terms

Users can do both publish projects or add bids as freelancer to execute projects.

Projects is a well detailed words and media that describe and limit exclusively the freelancing process and services between:

Employer: the project provider that is asking for a paid freelancing service.

Specialized: the service provider that was accepted by the the Employer from the projects bids dashboard and will earn the project cost minus website commission.

Orders is the completed project details one its approved from the buyer or autocompleted .

Wallet is the place where Motkhases credit charged to be whether in projects or in website tools and services.

points is a reward from completing project can be used purchasing services and tools.

Main terms:

Project details:

Payment details:

Withdrawal details:

Points details:

Motkhases points used to purchase website premium tools:

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